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the Body Masked
Amami Museum - Japan 2008




Or charms of the body.

Installation 13 seins

13 seins

Painted Resin

Long. 5m


anonymous or famous


Anonymity: female common noun
Celebrity: male common noun
Women, half of the sky but
Handful stars in the firmament
Of this world managed by men

Anonymes - Célèbres

Paper, plaster, ink


The Milk fountain
Albert Chanot Center - Clamart 2005



Fertility and Maternity.

This installation is the part of the theme with the Fashion Show Cows.


Installation Fontaine à lait


Dim. 3m / 3m

Summit Meeting
Symposium - Forêt de Lahaimex- 2000

Twenty or so wooden chairs, homes to absent bodies, perch on a platform, conjuring up dreams and memories. They stay in an ideal place where there is no suffering, they age far away from any danger. They are traces of beings with ancient histories. Small worlds are held in their laps, the stories of which can still be told, how they carried the weight of bodies, allowed them to sit down, helped them to rest. The chairs all come from the attics or the closets of the surrounding villages. Their presence attests to the help in setting up this work of the people who live there. We can imagine the many facets of the past, and, by joining them together, feel the emotion and the ties that link them to us.

Patricia Talentino

Réunion au sommet

HT 6m - Larg. 4m